Source Code and Documentation

Source Code – Download Zip Files

RAMP zip file – This is the final source code for Arduino and ATmega32/32A/32L with music response for the RAMP series single colour controller boards. There are many other utilities like init_AVR to set the fuse bits and flash_AVR to transfer the code to an ATmega32 microcontroller, a Processing sketch to do FFT spectrum analysis on music playing on a PC and displaying the response on the cube, and many other utilities from around the web. Also you’ll find the Windows drivers for the USBASP and USBTiny here. – This is Nick Schulze’s original source code with the necessary timing fix to make it work on the DM13A chips.

ChipKit – Early simplified source code for the RGB cube with ChipKit UNO32

ChipKit – This is the source code for the ChipKit UNO32 with music modules prior to the V4.5 module.

ChipKit Master Panel Test – Code to test panels on the RGB cube with ChipKit UNO32. There is a variable that lets you select which number panel to test. – Source code for ChipKit UNO32 with music module V4.5 or above with virtual gain control.

Arduino MEGA2560 with music response by David Yee – This is the Arduino MEGA2560 source code with music response code for use with music module V4.5 or above with virtual gain control.

RGB Base Board Documentation, and Technical Specs on the DM13A driver

RGB Base driver notes.pdf


ChipKit Eliminator compiled HEX for direct upload

MK4 compiled HEX for RGB LED Cube with bootloader for SuperTech-IT boards.hex

Arduino UNO and MEGA2560 source code

Arduino code for RGB board with SPI layer fix for SuperTech-IT boards.ino – This is the code required for the UNO Eliminator with additional shift register. This will not work without an additional shift register driving the layers.

RGB Arduino Parallel code FIXED.ino – This is the code by Kevin Darrah converted to parallel layer control, eliminating the need for an extra 8 bit shift register. This is for the UNO eliminators without shift register, and UNO bridge boards, or if hand wiring your Arduino to the cube.

Arduino_MEGA2560_RGB_Cube.ino – This is the Arduino UNO code ported over to the MEGA2560. UNO code will not work directly on the MEGA2560.

SPECIAL THANKS to Doug Domke who is making firmware templates for the PIC32 (ChipKit UNO32) microcontroller for the RGB LED Cube project. It works much more like standard Arduino code so that we can more easily create animations on the PIC. Many routines in his templates make programming animations and sprites on the cube much easier than in any other code I have seen.

See his page at for information and downloads. I will add code here as I create more animations using his template.

You can use the cube assembly method Nick Schulze at uses, however I did develop my own assembly method. Nick’s method is great if you enjoy woodworking, or you can use mine if not.