The RAMP series 1.0E Rev.4 Black Edition single colour cube controller / driver / MCU board
April 27, 2015
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RGB Cube Base / driver / assembly template V6

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The RGB base / driver / assembly template board V6

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The RGB base / driver / assembly template board V6

This is the main board that holds all the LED drivers and layer select transistors.

It is also the foundation upon which you build the actual cube. You can build the cube on either side of the board. Our code for the ChipKit UNO32 has a single variable that defines which side of the board you built your cube so that the text effects don’t get reversed and animations don’t rotate in the wrong direction.

You can connect to this with an Arduino UNO, Arduino MEGA2560, ChipKit UNO32, ChipKit uC32, Raspberry Pi, or just about any other microcontroller with sufficient I/O connections.

Code is available in the instructable for the mentioned prototyping boards above via the BUILD IT link, and also here on the site (except the Raspberry Pi, but that should be here soon too).

Bridge boards make it much easier to connect your proto-board to the cube, especially if you intend on using the Music Module.

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